The story of Jersey Sea Salt

Sea salt production can be dated back to the Iron Age in Jersey where clay 'salt pots' have been unearthed by archeologists which were used to boil down sea water.

More recently salt was produced at Samares Manor, Samares meaning salt marsh in Jersey’s native language. Subsequently the marsh was drained in the 18th century to make way for the new manor house.

During the 2nd World War Jersey was occupied by German forces and with food shortage, including salt, locals took it upon themselves to start harvesting their own salt from the sea.

Moving forward 70 years Dave and Matt, founders of Jersey Sea Salt, were enjoying the spoils of a successful fishing trip when it dawned on them that, as Jersey is famous for its culinary delights; especially sea food, the most important and abundant ingredient was not locally available.

Why Jersey?

Jersey is also famous as a financial centre, an industry that Dave worked in for 18 years, however, longing to create a different environment in which to live and work was too strong a calling to ignore.

Matt also felt he had done his time in his 'day job'. Matt studied fine art in London, moved back to his home Jersey and started a interior design and building company. “I was happy but needed something new, something that was unique” that’s when Dave suggested “lets start making the sea salt!”

How is Jersey Sea Salt made?

So, how to do it?

Lots of experimentation, from converting an old gas BBQ, to building pans under glass, we've tried it all.

Until we came up with our bespoke salt houses, which enabled us to solar evaporate larger quantities of sea water.

We designed our salt houses specific to the climate in Jersey and are confident that we are currently the only company to do it in this manner.



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