Pepper Dulse - Jersey Sea SaltA couple of years ago we were invited by one of Jersey’s local marine biologist to
do some seaweed foraging amongst Jersey’s massive intertidal area. That’s when we had our first experience of “The Truffle of the Sea”. Eating a frond of the Pepper Dulse, we were amased by how much taste had been released. When harvesting, it is essential to cut, not pull this delicate seaweed from its roots, by leaving the roots intact you allow the plant to regenerate, this is a must with any form of foraging as we need to be mindful of our relationship with the land and sea. This seaweed is a true gastronomic gem, it has an intense truffle flavor, its aromatic, peppery, with a powerful aroma.

It’s best harvested from December to May as this is when this little seaweed flowers and is packed with an intense flavour that you really have to taste to believe. Packed with minerals,vitamins A,C and K, antioxidants, amino acids and protein, the main benefit is iodine critical for maintaining a healthy thyroid.

When the thyroid gland is under active, it can cause a variety of serious symptoms. These include fatigue, depression, weight gain and muscular weakness.

We’ve been working with this incredible seaweed with our salt and the great thing about Pepper Dulse is that the nutritional value does not degrade after being dried and when mixed with Jersey Sea Salt it really is the healthier option. Works best by sprinkling it on decadent scrambled eggs. We launched this infusion in the Spring of 2018 which has proved to be very popular with its umami taste.

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